Wasp Phobia

With thanks to Angela

I had a session of BWRT with Claire in May due to an awful phobia of wasps. I haven't posted a review earlier as it's only now that those stripey pests are out and about! I've recently been on holiday to Devon and I can honestly say I don't know how it works - but it works! Still don't like them but I no longer have the screaming, hand flapping panic stations I used to have. I am able to treat them like other people do - ignore them till they're up close and personal and then just shoo them away. Thank you Claire from both myself and my husband who can't believe the change in me.


Spider Phobia

With thanks to Jayne

Following a recommendation from a friend I contacted Claire to help with a lifelong phobia. Claire was brilliant! She is very professional and approachable and made me feel totally at ease. I would highly recommend Claire.


Needle Phobia

With thanks to Joe

Before I used BWRT® I was absolutely terrified about going to the doctor's for an injection. I'd fight, I'd not want to go at all. After BWRT® I felt a lot more calm and relaxed and it was an all round good feeling going for the injection. While the nurse was doing the injection I felt very calm, happy, like an ordinary everyday thing. It's definitely helped with me overcoming the fear. I think BWRT® is generally quite amazing, it helps so much. - Joe