BWRT® - A brief Introduction from its creator Terence Watts.

BWRT Level 1 - General Psychopathology

Level 1 uses a powerful method to stop the triggers that cause unwanted irrational responses, helping to create lasting change. Level 1 can help with issues such as:



Panic attacks

Social phobia

Generalised Anxiety Disorder


Irrational Fear




Low Confidence

Low Self Esteem

Lack of Self Belief



Fear of Tests/Exam Driving/Flying


Initial consultation & BWRT - £65

Further sessions - £55

Listen to this second in the series of BWRT® explanatory videos - directly from Terence Watts.

BWRT Level 2 - Psychology of Identity and Behaviour


Level 2 works with core identity issues on a deeper level, helping to create a new self-belief and self-image. This is helpful for people who see their issues as part of who they are, or their core identity.

Also helpful for more deep-rooted problems where poor self-image is identified.


Level 2 programme - £275

BWRT Transformational Coaching


The BWRT® Coaching programme is designed to search out hidden conflicts that are stopping you from being your best! Ideal for help with:


  • Performance Enhancement

  • Career

  • Sports Performance

  • Life Goals


Coaching programme - £275

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